Joplin: OSS Alternative To Evernote Teaches Me To Finally Apreciate Hubzilla Cards

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Part of the "not communicating well" about many of these features is that so many people look at Hubzilla as a "social media platform with added functionality." In reality, Hubzilla is a secure and extensible web based authentication, storage and messaging platform with social media capabilities.

Most people coming to Hubzilla so far have come because it is able to communicate across many of the different messaging protocols (Friendica, ActivityPub, OStatus, etc.). So that's what people think of when they think of Hubzilla.

The reality is, that is only a small part of what Hubzilla is and can do. 80% of the existing functionality is generally unexplored by most users (web pages for web sites, articles for blogging, notes, wiki, etc.). It also means that some of those things have not received as much development attention as they may otherwise have, but that's something that can be fixed over time as well. And, since the platform is built for extensibility and expansion - many other things are possible (and in the works!).
@JamJarChris We could be using this in time.