house raids and searches are happening here somewhat frequently. There could be content that needs to stay private.

Does the encyption tool provide this security, or would the police gain control over the content as soon as they have physical control over the server (asuming just hubzilla is being hosted and no additional server encryption.)

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(Plus a possible 10 years in jail for not unlocking your phone)

I think I've been cured of any desire to move to the land down under.

You should store nothing of any informational value on your American personal tracking device. If you do, you're an idiot. The Americans have every secret you've stored there. So do the Russians. So do the Chinese and the Israelis. So do Walmart and Burger King and Frankie's Pizza and Facebook. The Aussies are nothing if not polite. They'll ask you. They may threaten you with incarceration, but at least they ask.
Just when I though @Mike Macgirvin may have been being a bit hyperbolic here (largely I agree with the sentiment, but I wasn't sure I agreed with the details), I find this on Slashdot:

Nobody's Cellphone Is Really That Secure, Bruce Schneier Reminds - Slashdot


Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that the Russians and the Chinese were eavesdropping on President Donald Trump's personal cellphone and using the information gleaned to better influence his behavior. This should surprise no one, writes Bruce Schneier. From a story: Security experts ha...
A little late in the game here, but this
All the encryption in the world won't help you if the plaintext is leaking before it even reaches the encryptor. At some point the resources of the state far outweighs your own abilities and the value of the information you're trying to hide, and also the security of your "system" --- which includes all the human assets and technology combined (operating systems, routers, all your software). Start there. Secure your "system".

is so true