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I have established a working sync using syncthing and keep 3 computers up to date. Syncthing is available both on Jolla and on Android. The software I build i centered around syncthing as wel as GIT; stuff shall be saved in textfiles that can be mirrored over the network - not databases. I have the note-editor (Neville) and a time tracker (timeqx).

For Neville I am researching encryption and are working on a concept editor with 3 different algorithms in parallel - all most be cracked to get the secret. That will do for my passwords :) Still each encrypted file shall be possible to distribute using syncthing or GIT or mercurial scm/hg. I spent a long buss-ride making a working concept and designing the triple encryption setup.

By the way, I will steal the LUKS-concept with slotted passwords - you and the wife can share encrypted secrets and still have a personal password beside a hidden envelope with a printed password that opens all doors in case of amnesia or old age.

Debian on the phone sounds similar to the Jolla. The Jolla is a more Linux-ish phone os than Android. One can ssh to the phone and sudo to root (real root) using the built in development tools. No cracking or rooting. No Jolla-version of syncthing - one uses the general linux arm version. That is how I like a phone :)

I am interested in a Linux based tablet than a linux based phone right now. Quite desperately I need to have a piece of mind on the tablet.

In Sweden we are now sadly made our self dependent on Android or iPhone for things like parking the car, identifying your self and sharing money between individuals. Sadly there are no open source alternatives what so ever. I have the ideas of some few applications that need to be developed and challenge the oligopoly but perhaps that is a lost battle. How do I get a bank to invest in a new and unproven solution when there already is an established one. Then there is also the matter of spare time.

It is also sad that I need to use an US-designed phone to get around in EU while the EU-developed one fails to work in reality and works better in Russia and China. I'd prefer the Finish Jolla to Andoid any day.