Wi-Fi security is starting to get its biggest upgrade in over a decade

Wi-Fi devices have been using the same security protocol for over a decade. But today, that’ll begin to change: the Wi-Fi Alliance, which oversees adoption of the Wi-Fi standard, is beginning to certify products that support WPA3, the successor to the WPA2 security protocol that’s been in use since 2004.
Yeah I'm terrified the kangaroos will hack my wi-fi. Lord knows what insidious mischief they could cause.

I'm actually more worried about the routers themselves, because we know there has been relentless pressure to provide back doors. (The fact that every major manufacturer and every major device has pretty much the same back doors can hardly be a coincidence). And many of these have now been exposed. A wi-fi protocol upgrade would seem like the perfect way to get the masses to install new devices with updated back doors which are more difficult to detect. #justsayin
I knew there was a catch...  Why is it never easy?
Your existing client devices may be able to upgrade to WPA3, too. It all depends on the manufacturer. WPA3 access points will support both WPA2 and 3 devices at the same time, so it won't be an all or nothing situation.