Increase the size of the notification and where to see all the comments in sorted order for the post that are not followed?

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1. Can I increase the size of the notices to something like 300 or 500 ?
2. How to put the notices in side bar with drop down(like new notices and feeds) for the already seen notices for quick access to them?
3. Feeds are there on the wall, but its hard to find out the comments order in the public feeds. Is there way to sort them like the notices are sorted?
4. Can new feeds from a connection be made silenced so new feeds from that connection comes on wall but are not shown on the sidebar as drop downs?
I am not a fan of automated installations and consider the manual installation with less than 10 CLI commands is simple enough on a shared host. It also gives you the ability to adjust to you particular reality. Compare with installing Diaspora which is a lot more complicated.
@Mike Macgirvin  These are very personal requirements. Thanks for answering. 4 is important as I have many news channel subscribed and the important feeds are mixed and missed in mass feeds from these channels. I will create an issue for it.

@Erik R I did not get your point. Did you posted the comment at wrong post?
It really seems so. Sorry ;)