!New Here

Hi everyone,

Well, not really New Here but back in a reshaped form on a new hub.

My name is Erik and I have just started my first well public hub. I used to be part of the Friendica network but lost interest, closed the web hotel and that was the end of that saga. I used to have an account on Red when that was new, forgot the hub though. Now I am back and after some time on hub I host for the local community as part of the local transition town.

I am interested in a lot of stuff; am a linux techie and c++ developer, have a heart in young refugees coming to Sweden, trying my best to contribute to a sustainable life on earth and to fight the big climate change.

Right now I am exploring the mentions and tag. Sorry for the duplicates :)
Well, just that I am abandoning hub.ridderby.se for the local community hub askeröd.hubzilla.se and as as well (since an hour) ridderby.se (without the hub).

Transition town is where I land on wikipedia if I search for "omställning" in Swedish and as the community the Askröds-hub is dedicated to is somewhat both the local green movement and community physically around here. We have both and they are somewhat connected and on many cases the same persons. Strange when one can explain the details of software architecture or the ALU but fails to translate every day common words :) It is closely connected to the green movement.

The lecture I held (where you hinted about FairCoin) was for a transition class.

Transition town - Wikipedia
The terms transition town, transition initiative and transition model refer to grassroot community projects that aim to increase self-sufficiency to reduce the potential effects of peak oil,[1]climate destruction, and economic instability.[2] The Transition Network, founded in 2006, inspired the creation of many of the projects. A number of the gro...
Welcome, Erik :-)!!