Missing posts in the thread

!Hubzilla Support Forum

following the latest discussions on the support forum (e.g. "integration with WP / Joomla Site") there seems to be some posts missing in my thread, There is a reference by "Falgn0n The Wizard" that is not visible in my thread. Also there is another thread started by mrjive about "writing on behalf of massimiliano@hub.disroot.org" where there is a question and a thank for the answer.

As I can't see, is those because of someones privacy settings or is there a problem?

I am reading this on the channels secondary node.

I have the same problem too from time to time
It's just the lag that can occur sometimes due to the comments propagating through the network. Everyone has different hubs with different capabilities and latencies. Sometimes a comment might take more than a day to propagate to all the followers if stars are really misaligned. You can always go to the channel page to see the full conversation (you know, like you'd have to do for a normal website).
On my wall the named discussion is complete with 11 comments as if now. Sometimes, when a server is overloaded, some messages can be delivered with a delay...